Oshakati Bank bomb blast a brutal strategy: Kameeta

21 Feb 2015 09:30am
OSHAKATI, 21 FEB (NAMPA) – The Oshakati Barclays Bank bomb blast was part of the brutal strategy of the colonial regime to cause confusion and fear among Namibian people, a religious and political leader says.
Bishop Zephania Kameeta of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) said this at Oshakati on Thursday when addressing the commemoration of the 19 February 1988 blast which killed about 30 clients and employees of the then Barclays Bank, now First National Bank (FNB) of Namibia.
He said the colonial apartheid South African regime perpetrated the said blast in its desperate attempt to stifle the just cause for national liberation.
“This was a futile attempt, but people of Namibia stood firmly behind Swapo until final victory was achieved,” he pointed out.
Kameeta said the cruel attack was a barbaric alternative to derail the efforts of the Swapo party’s efforts in gathering the momentum for independence.
The blast took place merely a year before the signing of the United Nations (UN)’s Resolution 435 which gave birth to Namibia’s independence.
The bishop believes that the commemoration opens a chapter of reconciliation, forgiveness and the promotion of unity in diversity for all Namibians.
He also described the commemoration as a bold political stance taken to promote the spirit of reconciliation, and a fair position to display that Swapo was not fighting against individuals, a class of people, race or any grouping.
Kameeta, a Swapo parliamentarian in waiting, noted that Swapo was fighting a system which was not inclusive and only favoured few individuals in the society.
He said the bombing should be commemorated always with a spirit of forgiving and in an accommodative fashion.
Meanwhile, ex-combatants of the then colonial regime also commemorated the event with the laying of wreaths at the mass grave of the blast victims at Ongwediva and at their memorial stone at Oshakati on Monday.
The colonial regime ex-combatants during their commemoration on Monday singled out Swapo as the culprit in the blast.