Counterfeit goods worth N.dollars 20 million destroyed

19 Feb 2015 12:40pm
WINDHOEK, 19 FEB (NAMPA) - Counterfeit goods worth N.dollars 20 million have been confiscated from Chinese shops, and were destroyed at the Kupferberg landfill on Tuesday.
Susan Beukes, Head of Training and Public Relations’ Officer of the Customs and Excise Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MHAI) told Nampa that the goods confiscated were seized mostly from Chinese outlets in Windhoek over the past two years.
“Some of these products are of a good quality, but the problem is that they are fake and can be a health hazard to the lives of innocent citizens.
Counterfeit products tend to have been made using potentially toxic materials to cut costs”, she stated.
Beukes said most consumers ignore the short lifespan of counterfeit products, and end up spending more money than buying an original item which would last longer and does not pose a health hazard because of the chemicals used to make it.
“Think twice, spend more and have quality,” she stressed.
These counterfeit items ranged from caps and handbags to shirts and other fashionable apparel.
Beukes further explained that consumers should pay attention to the actual brand of items, such as a T-shirt.
A T-shirt may feel like good quality, but the logo of a brand will be slightly different if fake.
Purchasing such items supports the production of counterfeit goods. Such items, she says, must be destroyed.
The Customs and Excise department is constantly training staff on how to identify counterfeit goods from originals, even though it has become difficult over the years because producers also step up their game by making the counterfeit products look just like the originals.