AREVA Namibia concludes annual wage agreement with MUN

17 Feb 2015 14:50pm
WINDHOEK, 17 FEB (NAMPA) – AREVA Resources Namibia’s management and representatives of the Mineworkers’ Union of Namibia (MUN) have reached an agreement for employees’ salary increments.
The two parties agreed on a seven per cent increment for the workers’ basic salaries, which was signed on 14 January this year in Swakopmund.
The increase was effective from 01 January 2015.
AREVA Managing Director Hilifa Mbako said during the signing ceremony that employees are their most valuable assets, and thus thanked the MUN management for the mutual agreement.
“Employees are our most valuable assets, and I would like to thank the local leadership of MUN for the negotiations which were concluded in the usual spirit of trust and desire for an acceptable outcome,” he stated.
AREVA Communications’ Specialist Sugnet Smit said upon enquiry that the speedy conclusion of the negotiations between the two parties signifies trust and transparency between AREVA management and MUN.
“Apart from the financial incentive to employees, the increment contributes to the harmonious labour relations of the company,” she added.
The Regional Administrator of MUN in Swakopmund, Ombili Shishaki confirmed the negotiations, and said AREVA had forwarded proof of the negotiations to them, indicating the increment.
The AREVA group is a French company, present in Namibia through its subsidiary AREVA Resources Namibia, which is working in the vicinity of Swakopmund.