Bonang Matheba inspires through a success and challenges story

16 Feb 2015 09:50am
WINDHOEK, 16 FEB (NAMPA) – Well known South African TV presenter Bonang Matheba was in Namibia on Friday, where she was guest speaker at MTC's first Masters of Success show held at the National Theater of Namibia (NTN) in Windhoek.
In an interview, Matheba, also known as queen B, shared the story of her life on how she became successful and the challenges she encountered.
Matheba said that she had to endure a lot of suffering growing up, starting from the fact that her parents got divorced when she was just 5.
She said that growing up with a single mom was not easy as she sometimes could not put food on the table but such difficulties vanished when she was showered with love from her friends and family.
She said it was at the age of 9 that she decided what she wanted to become in life and being a fabulous presenter did not even cross her mind. She initially wanted to become a pre-primary school teacher, claiming that she would be a fabulous teacher just as she is a fabulous presenter.
Matheba said when she wanted to study education at a tertiary institution in South Africa she was unlucky as she could not be accommodated and that is when she landed in the entertainment industry while on a presenting course.
“To be honest, you don't need to be educated in order to be in the entertainment industry, but you need to be born to do it, but I won’t encourage children to drop out of school to pursue their dreams,” Queen B said.
According to Matheba, some people can be taught on how to be a presenter but if they are not born to be presenters they will not be as good as a person born to be a presenter.
At the Masters of Success show, she was interviewed by Josy Nghipandua, one of Namibia’s very own eloquent showbiz presenters who is known for having been the co-host of the 2014 Namibia Annual Music Awards.
The Masters of Success Series show was the first of 10 shows to come this year, where each month MTC invites a special guest speaker from across the African continent to tell a story that will inspire the youth of Namibia to becoming successful in life.
When asked about the key figures in her life that helped her become so successful, Matheba responded that she owes her whole body, mind and soul to God the almighty as he is the Alpha and Omega, adding that even for her family to be there, they are there because of Him.
She said that secondly, her parents are the key figures in her life even though they could not give her a decent upbringing they showered her with love. She says love is the most important aspect in anything.
Talking about challenges as a TV presenter, Queen B said the ultimate challenge she face as a celebrity are the pressures from people on social media, people in the entertainment industry itself and the people you associate yourself with. She said she regularly questions loyalty because people always want to drag her down but that is all just a distraction from the blessings God has poured upon her following her success.
She said in order to determine if you really love what you do, you should ask yourself if you would still be doing it without the money and aspects like fame, glitz and glamour.
When Josy asked Matheba what was the best moment or achievement she has had so far in her career, she said it was during an encounter with a young lady at a shopping complex. The young lady said to her, “Bonang you are the reason why I wake up every morning,” and she said as from that day she feels that she cannot mess up and become a bad person because there is a little girl who see’s her as a role model.
Matheba also revealed that she is busy paying for two students at a university in South Africa, one of whom is currently doing a honors degree in Accounting. Matheba could not hold her sense of humor and said “Once she is done with her degree she will come work for me and make me tax free.”