Omungwelume hosts Shokonawa Marathon

16 Feb 2015 08:20am
OMUNGWELUME, 16 FEB (NAMPA) – Paulus Vilho from the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) is the overall winner of the Shokonawa Marathon that took place between Engela and Omungwelume in the Ohangwena Region on Saturday.
Vilho completed the 35km distance in 2 hours and 27 minutes (2:27). The runner-up in this distance is Tomas Hangula with a time of 2:41 and Menas Kalola with a time of 2:43 in the third position.
The head organiser of the marathon, Simon Gabriel Shokonawa informed Nampa that 82 athletes from different regions of Namibia participated in the race.
He said the next Shokonawa Marathon, which is to be dedicated to Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Minister Charles Namoloh, will be held between Ondangwa and his home-village of Odibo in the Ohangwena Region on 28 February 2015.
Last Saturday’s Shokonawa Marathon was supposed to be from Oshakati to Omungwelume, but because of the bad condition of the Oshakati-Omungwelume gravel road, it was shifted to the newly constructed Engela-Omungwelume tarred road.
The winner in the 21.1km race for men is Jason Ongaleni with the running time of 1:09, while Joseph Kamamub and Paulus Shevanyenga ended second and third respectively.
Rauna Lukas is the winner of the 21.1km race for women while Mweuyehafo Joseph came second in this race and was followed by Ester Shangeelao in the third place.
Other winners of the marathon are Junias Gustaf (10km) and Gustaf Gore (5km).
A retired Namibian marathon runner, Mundja Halweendo, 69, also completed a 10km race while 10-year-old Rodney Haneb, who participated in the 5km race, was the youngest participant of the competition.
Haneb is from Farm Ondera in Oshivelo area of the Oshikoto Region.
“The Ruacana Town Council in the Omusati Region is also of the opinion to host the first-ever Shokonawa Marathon race at the town in April this year,” Shokonawa charged.
The Namibia Women in Sport Association (NAWISA) has decided to sponsor the next participation of nine best athletes from the Engela-Omungwelume Shokonawa Marathon of Saturday.