Namibia to suffer shortage of locally produced chicken

15 Feb 2015 07:10am
WINDHOEK, 14 FEB (NAMPA) - Namibia will suffer a shortage of locally produced chicken in the next week, due to an anticipated insufficient supply of locally produced chicken.
Managing Director for Namibia Poultry Industries (NPI), David Koen, told Nampa upon enquiry on Friday, that the shortage will be affected by the recent unavailability of pork on the Namibian market -which has increased the demand for chicken.
He said due to the fact that Namibian beef is expensive, chicken has been the preferred alternative to pork.
The NPI is therefore equalising the supply and demand of chicken by importing more chicken in the country.
'There will be a short supply to the market, but we cannot say until when this will go on,' he said.
He noted that even though the shortage would have to be balanced out by imports, chicken prices in the country will not be affected and will remain unchanged.
Chicken prices vary between N.dollars 39.99 and N.dollars 42.99 per kilogram.