'RDP needs serious retrospection'

14 Feb 2015 14:00pm
WINDHOEK, 14 FEB (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) must have a fair and honest debate around reasons for losing in last years general elections,
This is the oppinion of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung representative, Dr Bernd Althusmann.
Althusmann made the remarks during the RDP's central committee (CC) meeting on saturday, where he served as a guest speaker.
He informed the meeting that the party's main discussions should centre around what went wrong and why the RDP performed as poorly as it did.
RDP performed dismally and lost its official opposition status to the DTA of Namibia.
The party also lost five of the eight seats it had in the National Assembly, while it had targeted to increase them to at least 25 seats.
The RDP Members of Parliament (MPs) who lost seats are Agnes Limbo, Heiko Lucks, Peter Naholo, Kandy Nehova and Anton von Wietersheim.
Only party President Hidipo Hamutenya, Vice-President Steve Bezuidenhoudt and Mike Kavekotora will be representing the party in the upper House of Parliament from 21 March this year.
“What are the underlying fundamental reasons and how could they be rectified? What are the voting patterns of the people and did the party understood this before?. All therse are some the questions the CC should ask itself,' Althusmann said.
Althusmann, who was once Culture Minister of Lower Saxony in Germany in 2010, advised the RDP to also ask itself if the election manifesto played a role and weather the voters took time to read it.
Regardless of status and position of members, he added, the RDP needs to have an honest debate of what went wrong.
“From the people on the ground who might not have worked as multiplicators, to reasons of sponsorship, up to the top leaders who perhaps not convincing as as they should have been,” he encouraged.
Althusmann further stressed that it will not help the party to sweep reasons for losing the elections under the carpet with the hope that in the future it will have better performances.
Meanwhile, the party's SG Kavekotora's report in Nampa's possession stated that party leaders at all levels demonstrated a serious 'don't care attitude' in meeting their financial obligations to the party.
“This trend cannot continue now that we lost a big portion of our revenue from parliament due to our poor performance,” it read.
The report also states that consultation for possible cooperation with other political parties is ongoing.
The National Executive Committee (NEC) has tasked Heiko Lucks to check on the procedures for the party to form a coalition in parliament, the report reads.