16 Jul 2013 07:54

BRASILIA, July 16 (BERNAMA-NNN-MERCOPRESS) -- Brazil Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota said he expects that Paraguay president-elect Horacio Cartes will accept the return to the southern common market (Mercosur) following his taking office ceremony scheduled for Aug 15.

“What is important will be to know the position of the new Paraguayan government once in office. Cartes is currently speaking as elected government but has yet to be officially inaugurated,” said Patriota quoted by the government’s news agency Brazil.

Mercosur in its latest summit in Montevideo, July 12, agreed on the return of Paraguay as active member of Mercosur following over a year of suspension because of the removal of then president Fernando Lugo, which was interpreted as a ‘congressional coup’, even when the Paraguayan Senate kept strictly to the rules of impeachment.

But on the same day of the suspension the three full members decided the incorporation as full member of Venezuela which until then had been barred by the Paraguayan Senate.

Following the summit, Cartes said he had taken notice of the Mercosur decision on Paraguay but reiterated rejection to the incorporation of Venezuela which he argues was done in violation of the Mercosur charter.

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff on leaving the Montevideo summit over the weekend said that Mercosur presidents will be attending the inauguration of Cartes on Aug 15 in Asuncion.

“We are all committed to attend the ceremony of president Cartes”, said Rousseff who added that the suspension was a ‘political’ decision with no reprisals for the Paraguayan people or impediments to trade, ‘which actually increased’.

“We are confident Paraguay has its place in Mercosur; the return as active member and of the Paraguayan people to Mercosur is essential part of the natural destiny of Paraguay. President Cartes is about to take office and this is a motive of joy and hope for all the presidents”, underlined Rousseff.