Mysterious wild animal terrorises Onesi community

06 Feb 2015 06:50am
ONGWEDIVA, 06 FEB (NAMPA) – A mysterious wild mammal is terrorising the community of the Elondo West village since January this year.
Omusati regional councillor for the Onesi Constituency, Titus Kanyele told Nampa on Friday that the animal continues causing havoc among members of the community of Elondo West with its killing of goats.
“It killed a total of 18 goats. These goats were found dead in the field by the community of the village on Wednesday morning after it had already killed 14, 11 and seven goats, respectively, in the area on several occasions in January,” Kanyele explained.
He said the community is shocked to learn that the mammal kills the goats, and then sucks their blood without eating the flesh.
Members of the community followed its tracks from where it had killed the goats on Wednesday, but the tracks disappeared in the crop fields of certain villagers.
The Onesi councillor thus advised goat owners to ensure that they keep their goats in kraals at night to prevent them from being found unattended by the blood-sucking animal.
Officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism were in the constituency this week to help trace the feared wild animal.
“We are, therefore, calling on the villagers to also be on the lookout, and to report the suspected whereabouts of the mammal to the officials, to me or to village headmen,” urged Kanyele.