Namwandi applauds principals and teachers

05 Feb 2015 13:10pm
WINDHOEK, 05 FEB (NAMPA) – Education Minister David Namwandi praised all principals and teachers countrywide for their hard work and dedication towards educating Namibian children.
He made the remark here on Wednesday during the Ministry of Education (MoE’s) prize-giving ceremony, which saw best-performing schools and learners getting awards for their good performances in the 2014 Grades 10 and 12 national examinations.
Namwandi expressed pride in the principals and teachers of the various schools in Namibia, saying they unfortunately do not receive much praise, but rather insults and endless criticism.
“I am proud of them because theirs is a calling - a passion which no amount of criticism shall cause them to move an inch,” he noted.
The minister then appealed to all teachers countrywide to continue with their commitment and hard work towards the education system, adding that they are the backbone of any given country as no country can do without them.
Namwandi further said he is aware of the challenges faced by learners, teachers and schools such as a lack of qualified teachers in some subjects, the shortages of teaching materials, floods, inadequate classrooms, absenteeism, teenage pregnancies as well as a lack of motivation on the part of learners.
These challenges negatively affect teaching and learning directly or indirectly, but teachers always strive to work hard and improve their learners’ performances, he stated.
“Please be assured that we are pleased and forever grateful for your commitment,” he said, adding that teachers are “agents and creators of change”.
“You hold the very future of the Namibian child in your hands. I commend you for having the interest of the learners at heart,” Namwandi continued.
Meanwhile, the Education minister announced during the same occasion that all Grade 10 learners who did not make it to Grade 11 and those who did not make it to tertiary institutions must not be discouraged or be frustrated by their 2014 results as “in a battle, there are always winners and losers. Just get up and move on”.
He added that Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) centres and other private tuition centres are available in almost all 14 regions of the country.
Therefore, the learners should register and study as their future is in their own hands.