Pensioner injured in Outapi Pep Stores

04 Feb 2015 08:30am
OUTAPI, 04 FEB (NAMPA) – Pensioner Kaino Mutumbulwa, 65, sustained serious injuries in Pep Stores at Outapi in the Omusati Region on Wednesday last week.
She sustained head, arm and leg injuries after a loose clothing shelf fell on her while she was doing some shopping there at about 15h00.
One of her relatives, Amon Aimbangu told Nampa that Mutumbulwa was knocked down by the impact.
“She was hospitalised at Outapi on the same day, but returned to hospital again the next day due to unbearable pain,” he explained.
Aimbangu said Mutumbulwa’s relatives find it despicable and unfortunate that the Pep Stores company has refused to take responsibility for the medical costs of the old woman, or to compensate her.
The relatives believe the incident has traumatised and humiliated the old woman.
“My aunt is now very traumatised, so much so that she refuses to enter any shop again. Her blood pressure has also picked up since,” Aimbangu explained.
According to him, the incident is a result of negligence on the part of the store’s management, who have admitted that the shelf probably fell because too many goods were stacked on it.
Aimbangu noted that his aunt is still suffering from pain, is unable to walk, has a swollen eye and complains of consistent headaches as a result of the incident.
“We are definitely talking to our lawyers for legal advice,” he stated.
Approached for comment, store manager Johanna Petrus confirmed the incident, and described it as an unfortunate occurrence.
“I rushed the old lady to the hospital after she sustained injuries,” she said without confirming or denying the allegations that her company refuses to be held accountable and to compensate the victim.
She pointed out that the office of the company’s staff supporting manager in Windhoek is dealing with the issue, and she was awaiting feedback.