Statement by his Worship Cllr Muesee Kazapua, Mayor of the City of Windhoek

February 3, 2015, 3:40pm

Statement by his Worship Cllr Muesee Kazapua, Mayor of the City of Windhoek at the monthly council meeting on 2 February 2015

Good Evening!
It gives me a great pleasure to sit before you this evening to extend a warm welcome to you at our first monthly Council Meeting for the 2015 Calendar I believe you have rested enough, and have come back energized, to face the challenges head-on, in order to provide the much needed services to our esteemed residents. So please welcome back! 
As we all know, this is my first Council meeting since I took over the helm of our beautiful City. I would therefore like to re-iterate the pledge I made in my acceptance speech in December last, that as new Office Bearers, we are ready to work together with our official and residents, in our quest to provide better living conditions for our people.  
As a starting point, my office is busy organising a Land Delivery Retreat Workshop for the Councillors and employees. The workshop is aimed at reviewing the Land Sales Policy, and other related Policies, in order to make them more responsive to our people’s needs. 
Honourable Councillors, Dear residents! 
As part of our Mayoral Agenda for the year 2015, we are going to focus on the following areas:   provision of basic services in underserviced areas, land delivery, affordable housing, improvement of systems of operations and performance, promote economic development, clean city initiative, corporate social responsibility, and public participation & consultative governance  
However, I would like to repeat our call to our line Ministry to expedite the ongoing efforts on the local authority reforms, referred to earlier by my predecessor and hope that this process will be finalized soon. It remains our aim to ensure that basic services are provided to the most impoverished sector of our communities at a subsidized cost, and we will thus continue to count on Government support.  
It is our belief that making considerable inroads in providing these services will have a positive impact in the livelihoods of our residents.    
As Council, we will continue with our consultative governance, through our community meetings, and at other platforms. In so doing, we are promoting what we call ‘Governing together’, a process which allows for a participatory leadership.   
Hon Councillors, Ladies and Gentlemen!  
It is also gratifying to note the amount of rain we have received in the past days, although a bit late. I am sure that these rains have also helped to up the levels of our reservoir dams, which have fallen to the frightening levels.   
We would like to thank the Almighty for this treasured relief, and to ask for more of this precious commodity, in order for us to be able to ensure the continuous provision of portable water to our residents.  
Esteemed Residents, Of late, I have observed with concern the level of littering in our City. This practice does not only reflect badly in the eyes of the Namibians, but to visitors alike. As we know, Windhoek is classified as the cleanest City in Africa, a status 
which we have been jealously safeguarding, until recently when the residents started depositing the waste in any way.   
I would therefore like to appeal to our esteemed residents to desist from this unbecoming practice, and return to our correct way of disposing-off the waste, so as to maintain our City’s cleanliness.  
In conclusion, I would like to once again welcome you back, and to wish you a productive year ahead. We should rededicate ourselves to service of our people, so that we help them to live a prosperous and happy life.  
I Thank You