MFA members re-elect Shailemo

02 Feb 2015 15:30pm
ONDANGWA, 02 FEB (NAMPA) – An annual general meeting (AGM) of the Mangetti Farmers’ Association (MFA) has on Saturday re-elected the association’s old leadership chaired by Ismael Shailemo.
The meeting was held at Ondangwa’s Oluno suburb community hall, and was attended by 65 members of the association from all over northern Namibia.
Shailemo was re-elected as chairperson for the third consecutive year. He will be in charge of the affairs of the association for the next 12 months.
However, Shailemo told this news agency in an exclusive interview shortly after the meeting that it will be his last term as the MFA leader.
Shailemo, Gabriel Petrus (vice-chairperson), Jeremia Haikali (secretary) and Thomas Ndiwakalunga (treasurer) are the top four in the MFA leadership that will be in the office until 31 January next year.
Other members of the leadership include Josephina Mutilifa, Nauta Shakuyungwa, Hilya Nakale, Reverend Julius Mutuleni and Victoria Hango.
Members who attended the meeting on Saturday have tasked Shailemo’s leadership to ensure that it calls an extraordinary meeting for all members of the association in the near future to present a detailed report on the achievement and shortcoming of the association.
This is because the leadership was unprepared to present its annual report during Saturday’s meeting as the members expected.
The MFA serves the semi-commercial farmers of the Mangetti Block in eastern Oshikoto Region.