Swakopmund council meeting starts on sour note

02 Feb 2015 13:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 02 FEB (NAMPA) – Councillor Uahimisa Kaapehi walked out of the first ordinary council meeting of the Swakopmund Municipality due to a disagreement with a fellow councillor.
That meeting took place last Thursday.
Kaapehi, an ordinary member representing the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) party, raised an issue regarding the decision by the municipality’s management committee to rent out the municipal cafeteria to Estelle Broodryk Hankey, trading as The Peanut Gallery.
He stated that Hankey should not be allowed to lease the cafeteria as her company’s business certificate expired on 31 March 2014, and it had not been renewed since.
Kaapehi suggested that the matter be reviewed for fairness towards the other two companies, being Tyetu Trading Enterprises cc and Anne’s Caterers.
However, council chairperson mayor Juuso Kambueshe noted that the matter was already discussed, and a decision was taken to lease the cafeteria to Hankey.
He explained that the management committee recommended that Hankey must renew her business certificate before leasing the premises.
“Honourable councillor, your time is up. You can raise the issue at other platforms,” Kambueshe stressed.
Kaapehi, however, continued to state his point, but the mayor proceeded to the next item on the agenda.
“It is not fair at all. I am raising a point, but you deny me the opportunity to do so.
I will walk out so that you can continue with your meeting,” said Kaapehi as he left the chambers.
Kaapehi told Nampa on enquiry on Monday that Kambueshe was supposed to ask for objections first, and if there were any, the matter should be reviewed.
Kambueshe said during the meeting that as chairperson, he has the duty to lead proceedings, and that included cutting speakers short to save time and avoid chaos.
He, however, promised that the council would look into the matter and solve it at a later stage.
The committee on 27 November 2014 rated the three companies based on their experience in the food industry and food preparation, amongst other criteria.
Tyetu scored 329 points; Hankey 308 and Anne 238.
The committee later learned that Hankey, in fact, had more experience than Tyetu in the food industry.
As such, a decision was taken to lease the premises to Hankey.
Anne lost the bid as it had little experience in the food industry, and had the most expensive lunch menu among the applicants.