Lesbian kills girlfriend over suspected cheating

01 Feb 2015 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 01 FEB (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) recorded at total of three murders, five stabbings and one rape over the weekend in the Khomas Region.
NamPol's Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told a media briefing here on Sunday that among the cases reported was the murder of a 36-year-old woman following a relationship with another woman that went sour.
The incident occurred in Clemence Kapuuo Street in Katutura on Saturday at about 01h30, when the deceased who was identified as Yolande Jager and the suspect had an argument over speculations of cheating in the relationship.
Kanguatjivi said witnesses at the scene informed police that the suspect allegedly threatened to stab the deceased during the argument before acting on the threat and stabbing the deceased once in the chest, near the deceased's house in that area..
Jager was rushed to the Katutura Intermediate Hospital in a taxi where she was declared dead.
Kanguatjivi added that the object used in the stabbing is not known, but it is suspected that a knife was used to stab the deceased.
He further noted that it has not yet been determined whether a third person does in fact exists in the relationship.
The suspect, who lives in the Greenwell Matongo area, was however only arrested on Sunday and is due to appear in court on Monday.
In another matter, 53-year-old Alfred Abraham was murdered by a group of unknown men in the Otjomuise area while walking from a house with a friend.
The deceased and his friend allegedly went to the house to buy drugs and were walking home when a group of unknown men approached them from behind in Moses Garoeb Street on Friday afternoon at around 23h50.
The deceased and his friend started running after realising the group was chasing after them, but did not manage to get away.
The men allegedly hit him with a blunt object on his head and cracked it open.
When police arrived at the scene, they found the deceased lying along the road with his brains popped out of his head.
Police could however not get any information regarding the incident from the deceased's friend as he was heavily intoxicated and had to be sobered up to recall the incident.
No arrests have been made and police investigations continue.
Kanguatjivi added that the more incidents of stabbing were reported in Wanaheda, Greenwell Matongo and Shoprite in the Central Business District (CBD).
He could however not give further details of the incidents, as they were still under investigation.
In a separate incident, a ten-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a tenant at her home in Grysblock on Sunday in the early hours of 02h00 and 03h00.
According to information received by NamPol, the incident occurred in Kitaar Street where the girl was living.
Kanguatjivi could not say whether the residence was a block of flats or a house but noted that the suspect - who has not yet been arrested - was a tenant.
He could also not give further details on the incident.
In an unrelated matter in the Dolam area, a foetus was discovered in a dumpster on Sunday morning.
The discovery was made in Tekoa Street by a passer-by in the early hours.
'The foetus is estimated to be around three to four weeks old, but its gender could not be determined because all its limbs were not fully developed yet,” Kanguatjivi said.