NSI to promote building regulations

30 Jan 2015 15:00pm
WINDHOEK 28 JAN (NAMPA) - The Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) will promote and facilitate the formulation of building regulations in accordance with international practices.
Ueritjiua Kauaria, the NSI’s general manager (GM) for Standards and Coordination, said this here on Wednesday during a consultative meeting regarding Namibia's building construction regulations.
He said the NSI is mandated to deal with standardisation, but it is up to the regulator (Government) to decide on how it wants to formulate such regulations.
“The NSI cannot decide on behalf of the regulator on how to formulate the regulations but it can assist if it is requested to give guidelines on how technical regulations are best formulated,” said Kauaria.
The GM further mentioned the objectives of the NSI and the Senior Experten Service (SES) project, which aims to examine the current regulatory practices in the construction industry in Namibia.
He noted that since the construction and oil industries are internationally full of complex issues because of the number of players involved and dealing with huge sums of money with huge projects, it is the regulator’s function to make sure that buildings built comply with certain standards.
Kauaria added that the NSI would like to meet and work closely with relevant stakeholders which include key implementing partners such as Government, private sector, real estate sector, construction industry, building services sector, civil society and academia.
The meeting was attended by stakeholders in the construction industry such as the Namibian Housing Enterprise (NHE); Construction Federation of Namibia (CFN); Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development; Municipality of Walvis Bay, and the City of Windhoek.
The NSI’s Chief Executive Officer Riundja Kaakunga spoke about the objective and purpose of reviewing the national building regulations, and cement and concrete technologies in Namibia aimed at assessing the gap within the current building regulations.
The NSI/SES project aims at proposing standards and building regulations which could be adopted for Namibia, assess the extent to which building contractors implement standards and building regulations, and compile a legal submission for the “Revision of National Building Regulations” to be submitted to the Ministry of Regional and Local Government.
The NSI was established by Section 2 of the Standards Act, 2005 (Act No.18 of 2005) as the national standards body of Namibia responsible for the promotion of standardisation and quality assurance in the industry of commerce and the public sector with the aim of improving product quality, industrial efficiency, productivity and promoting trade to achieve optimum benefit for the people of Namibia.
The SES is the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation - a non-profit organisation.
SES offers interested retirees the opportunity to pass on their skills and knowledge to others, both within Germany and abroad. They work in a voluntary capacity as senior experts, helping to train both specialist workers and management staff.