Choose the right career: Bank Windhoek

January 30, 2015, 8:47am

Choose the right career: Bank Windhoek

Most high school graduates are not sure on which career path to follow, despite career guidance fairs and orientations.

Some learners can choose to get a job, take a gap year and travel the world or volunteer to assist the needy, or study further. The Manager of Human Capital Development at Bank Windhoek, Fillimon Ngairo said whatever decision a student needs to take, they need to ensure that it is the right one, adding that there are career fields that are oversupplied with qualified professionals.

“You might find it hard to get a job when you finish your studies, and there are those where Namibia still lacks qualified professionals,” said Ngairo. However, this does not mean that a student should choose a course or a profession simply based on its employment opportunities. They need to consider other factors such as passion for the profession to avoid ending up being stuck in a job that they do not enjoy thus doing own research would be good to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the career path a student might want to follow.

“Bank Windhoek and the financial sector in general has a need for more highly skilled and qualified professionals, especially in the field of Risk and Compliance Management, Forensic and Internal Auditing, Information Technology especially in the IT Security and Information Systems space.

These skills are required in the growth and development of the financial sector,” added Ngairo. Meanwhile Ngairo noted that for those who want to pursue a career in banking, there are many universities and tertiary institutions, both local and international that one can enrol in, including the Institute of Bankers (IoB). “Bank Windhoek also offers a Candidate Bankers Training (CBT) programme to young people who aspire to become bankers. The programme is offered at no cost and candidates receive a Candidate Banking Diploma at the end of the five month programme. Candidates can become full time employees of Bank Windhoek based on their performance and successful completion of the programme. To date, the CBT has produced 565 candidates. Two intakes are offered every year, with the first selection for the year already concluded. The next intake will be in June 2015,” he noted.