TransNamib to train workers

January 30, 2015, 8:35am

TransNamib to train workers

TransNamib will train their staff to make sure they are able to handle the locomotives they recently acquired, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Ailly Hangula-Paulino has said.

She also added that all employees of the company who will be retrenched this year will receive adequate compensation.


Hangula Paulino added that the training will be rolled out over a two-week training programme to make sure that they are competent 

“TransNamib is rolling out a two-week training programme for relevant employees for them to gain the necessary skills and expertise to operate the locomotives,” She said.


TransNamib will also be retrenching about 1000 of its current employees.

“No retrenchment process takes place without proper compensation packages for affected employees.” she added, “should Transnamib reach the  stage of laying off employees, it intends to fully comply with the letter and spirit of the law, if not offer more favorable packages, taking cognizance of the adverse effect that the process entails,” she said.


On the 21st of this month the acting CEO, Hippy Tjivikua and the General Secretary of NATAU issued a joint communique and media release stating that the right sizing exercise of the Transnamib was abruptly leaked to the press and that the leakage caused a breakdown of communication between the company and the Union. However the release also stated, “We the NATAU leadership and Transnamib Management have since met after these events and agreed as parties to proceed with our discussions on the Right Sizing Process at Transnamib”

Comfort Ajibola