Ohangwena governor urges education officials to be focused

28 Jan 2015 12:49pm
EENHANA, 26 JAN (NAMPA) – The Ohangwena Regional Council has constructed 41 classrooms during the 2014/15 financial year at a cost of N.dollars 32 million.
This was revealed by Ohangwena governor, Usko Nghaamwa on Friday during the Annual Regional Reflection Stakeholders’ Meeting on the Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) and National Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) results of 2014.
The meeting was organised by the Ohangwena Education Directorate.
A portion of the N.dollars 32 million, Nghaamwa said, was used in the construction of some ablution facilities, pit latrines and two administration blocks at schools.
“In addition to this, 25 classrooms for pre-primary schools were built and 35 classrooms were renovated,” the Ohangwena regional governor pointed out.
He went on to say that the lives of 64 000 learners are to be improved for the better in terms of conducive learning and teaching environment in his region, following the distribution of N.dollars 25.9 million to 223 primary and combined schools as universal primary education (UPE) grants.
Nghaamwa however stated that 90 schools still need to be electrified in his region, while 45 remain without water.
“I am aware of specific efforts put in place to lobby support from key partners to provide 13 schools without toilets with the basic sanitation facilities,” the governor said.
Nghaamwa, who is expected to leave the region to be sworn in as a new member of the National Assembly (NA) in March this year, called on education officials, inspectors and principals to be focused, determined and work with integrity and honesty.
Ohangwena Education Directorate was nationally ranked at fourth place in the JSC examination results for 2014 and third in the NSSC examination results for the same year.