23 Jan 2015 02:30am
(NOT FOR BROADCAST/PUBLICATION. FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY) JOHANNESBURG: (Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court) Appearance of truck driver Isaac Maruding, accused of causing an accident that involved 48 vehicles and killed three people on the N12 (ALBERTON fm Nov 12)/mjs PRETORIA: (High Court) Judgment in an application by the Helen Suzman Foundation for an order declaring the suspension of Hawks boss Anwa Dramat invalid (DRAMAT fm Jan 15) (Staffer) PRETORIA: (High Court) Judgment in an application by apartheid-era chemical warfare expert Dr Wouter Basson to remove the head of the HPCSA committee sentencing him for unethical conduct (1.45pm)(BASSON fm yy)/dm (Staffer) NELSPRUIT: (Magistrate's Court) Four men appear on charges of stealing rhino horns worth R116m from the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (RHINO fm Dec 8)/nsm PHUTHADITJHABA: (Children's Court) A 16-year-old appears for allegedly raping his seven-year-old sister (TSEKI fm Jan 19)/gf MMABATHO: (Magistrate's Court) Appearance of a woman accused of scalding a two-year-old girl with hot water (BABY fm Nov 26)/kd more /mp/th/aa/lp