22 Jan 2015 21:00pm
FOREIGNERS FLEE SOWETO More foreign national businessmen fled from the volatile Soweto, south of Johannesburg on Thursday. Johannesburg metro police escorted five trucks loaded with goods a group of Bangladeshi managed to save when their shops were looted at Ikwezi train station in Mofolo. "I do not know where are we going. Our boss has arranged a place somewhere," said Mbi Rashed. He said they had lost stock valued at thousands of rands. "It is too much," he said, pointing to a broken window near the door. Inside men were removing some of the stock from a store room. About 200 people stood on the street ululating and whistling as the five trucks passed them escorted by the metro police. "Are they still there?" screamed a young man as the police cleared the crowd from the road for the trucks to pass. The police put yellow tape around the shops and stood guard waiting for the trucks to return for another load. The trucks were transporting the goods to Fouriesburg. The violence was sparked by the death of Mthetheleli Siphiwe Mahori, 14, in Snake Park on Monday. He was allegedly shot by a shopkeeper who fired at a group of people allegedly wanted to rob him. After the shooting, residents went on the rampage in apparent revenge, attacking foreigners and looting their shops. The violence spilled over to other parts of Soweto. Sapa /mm/lp