22 Jan 2015 18:30pm
MAGISTRATE WARNS TEEN, 16, TO STAY AWAY FROM GIRL, 14. A magistrate has warned a 16-year-old boy who had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old mentally ill girl to stay away from her. Nelspruit regional court magistrate Willie Wilkins dropped the charges against the youth from Masoyi near White River on Thursday after it was reported the girl was unable to testify due to her condition, a Sapa correspondent reported. "You are warned to stay away from her. She is still a minor and cannot consent to having sex," Wilkins told the accused. He said girls under the age of 16 cannot legally give their consent to have sex because they are regarded as children. "If you see her on the street, stay away from her and take another road. The case is withdrawn," he said. Sapa /str/kd/ks/lp