Turn-around strategy for Omaheke education on the cards

22 Jan 2015 17:40pm
GOBABIS, 21 JAN (NAMPA) - The Director for Education in the Omaheke Region, Pecka Semba, said a turn-around strategy involving all sectors will be implemented to improve the region's performance in national examinations.
Semba told Nampa in an interview on Thursday that the regional education directorate will leave no stone unturned in its quest to turn around the region's ailing fortunes in the Grade 12 Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) and Grade 10 Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) examinations.
The education director has summoned school principals and senior education officials in the region to a brain-storming session on the way forward for the sector.
The session will take place on 29 January 2015, and will include teachers and other stakeholders who will deliberate on best strategies to improve the region's rankings.
He said that a subject analysis will be done on each subject to determine the root causes of the perennial weak performances of the Omaheke Region.
“We will carry out analysis of each subject to see where the main problems lie. We would like to determine exactly where teaching and learning go wrong,” said the director.
Semba admitted that planning interventions in the education sector of Omaheke is no easy task due to the fluctuating performances of schools here - one school that does well this year may be in the bottom of worst performers the coming year.
“We do not have constant under-performers and constant top-performers in the Omaheke Region. As such, one can almost never predict how a school is going to perform the following year based on its current performance,” he said.
Omaheke Region has struggled to get out of the bottom six positions with regard to the Grade 12 results, while the Grade 10 results have also not been promising for the region.
The education director called on the entire political, traditional and religious leadership of the region to rally behind the directorate's cause of improving the Omaheke Region's school performances.