MTC Suspends N$2/Day/10MB Promotion

20 Jan 2015 13:02

MTC which recently came under fire with the communications regulator CRAN announced it is suspending the N$2 per day for 10MB promotion today.

The announcement was made at the MTC headquarters in Windhoek this morning.

MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo stated at the conference that the suspension of the promotion should not be perceived as “MTC’s admission of guilt” but that the promotion was launched with the best interests of the customers at heart.

In explaining why MTC believes that its billing of the N$2 for 10MB was warranted, Ekandjo mentioned that “the N$2 was being charged only if a customer’s phone does a data transaction.

He added that ” that only over 70 000 customers were in actual fact billed as part of the promotion. “MTC believes that it sufficiently complied with the provisions of the Communications Act,”

To further support their position Ekandjo revealed that before the N$2 per day for 10MB promotion MTC actually charged customers N$2.40 per MB.

To further allay the public’s misconception that MTC was making millions off of its loyal customers Ekandjo added that “on the 12th December 2014 when the promotion started MTC made a total of N$146 638 as opposed to the N$172 368 made when data charges were still N$2.40.”

The benefits of the promotion seemingly outweighed the slight disadvantage as Ekandjo explained that with the promotion not only will the customer be avoiding ‘nasty surprises’ meaning high data charges, but also MTC would then stop data to give control of data usage over to the customer.

Ekandjo explained that once the 10MB was done the customer could then purchase more data and avoid using the available airtime balance.

The promotion is scheduled to be terminated at midnight tonight, as from 08:00 am tomorrow data charges will be N$0.90 for out of bundle data usage and N$0.50 per MB if the customer is on MTC’s Aweh promotion.

“We will be suspending the promotion and engage CRAN on the way forward” he added.