RDP re-organisation on the cards: Kavekotora

20 Jan 2015 08:10am
WINDHOEK, 20 JAN (NAMPA) – The opposition Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is mulling the possibility of embarking upon a complete reorganisation of its structures and objectives to address the factors that led to the party’s poor performance in last year’s general elections.
The party’s Secretary-General, Mike Kavekotora told Nampa in an interview at the weekend that the RDP’s performance during the November 2014 elections was not in accordance with their expectations.
The RDP performed dismally and lost its official opposition status to the DTA of Namibia.
The party also lost five of the eight seats they had in the National Assembly, while they had targeted to increase them to at least 25 seats.
The RDP Members of Parliament (MPs) who lost seats are Agnes Limbo, Heiko Lucks, Peter Naholo, Kandy Nehova and Anton von Wietersheim.
Only party President Hidipo Hamutenya, Vice-President Steve Bezuidenhoudt and Kavekotora will be representing the party in the upper House of Parliament from 21 March this year.
“We have to go back to the drawing board and re-assess the situation to determine what actually happened. Whatever we find to be the hindering factors, will be handled head-on,” the party’s SG said.
The RDP will have its first National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting towards the end of this month, which will then be followed by a Central Committee (CC) meeting to look at internal and external factors that were responsible for the party’s poor performance.
According to Kavekotora, the message from their members and supporters is that they do not want the party to die or become dormant.
“They are saying that our defeat should be viewed as a wakeup call for us to critically look at the party structures. If it boils down to a situation where we have to revamp our whole structures to come back to the party’s original objective, then that is what we will do,” the RDP SG said.
Asked whether the party was considering having Hamutenya step down as leader, Kavekotora said nothing and no-one is sacred, and that the re-assessing exercise would be looked at holistically without fear or favour.
“Even my position as SG and my contribution to the party, whether positive or negative, will have to be assessed. In any situation, you will find that there is a weak link and we will have to identify every single weak link,” he informed this news agency.
Kavekotora said the RDP was created to serve the nation and not the party leaders.
“If we fail in serving the nation, regardless of who you are, you have to acknowledge the fact that you must give way to somebody else who will perhaps be able to achieve the party objectives,” he stated.
According to some reports last week quoted RDP vice-president (Bezuidenhoudt) calling on veteran party leader Hamutenya to step down in order to allow for a revival of the party.
Bezuidenhoudt said he was not interested in being elevated to the position himself, but only the party to identify an energetic person who will steer the party back to its former glory.