KHP patient allegedly slapped by doctor

19 Jan 2015 17:00pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 19 JAN (NAMPA) – The senior medical officer (SMO) of the Keetmanshoop State Hospital, Refanus Kooper stands accused of slapping and verbally abusing a 59-year-old wheelchair-bound female patient at the hospital last Thursday morning.
Eyewitness Johannes Rickert told Nampa on Monday that the doctor swore at Annamarie Beukes, a chronic patient who regularly visits the hospital, and slapped her.
“What happened to the ethics of doctors? Are they not supposed to treat and handle patients with care? Now this doctor abuses his patient,” a visibly angry Rickert said.
He added that when he confronted Kooper, the doctor responded by saying that he was the head of the hospital and that he would do whatever he wanted.
Kooper laughed when this reporter approached him and denied slapping the patient, saying Beukes was the one who assaulted and insulted him and that he only put a stop to her abuse.
“I wagged a finger at her, that’s all,” he said.
The SMO described the patient as an abusive person who regularly insults people at the hospital and in the streets. He claimed that she tried to seek attention by pretending to be unable to walk.
Kooper said Beukes swore at him making reference to his late mother, and made derogatory inferences on his sex life in front of his staff.
Beukes admitted to Nampa that she swore at the doctor, but said he provoked her by saying she was a “mental case”.
“He cannot touch me, he is a man, he is a doctor, how can he slap me?” Beukes asked.
Kooper said that Beukes’ family was frustrated with her antics and abusive behaviour and had approached the hospital to assist in getting her transferred to the Psychiatric Hospital in Windhoek.
Acting regional director for health, John Damon said he was still awaiting reports of the alleged incident and was also not authorised to comment.
Ministry of Health and Social Services public relations officer Ester Paulus was yet to respond to questions sent to her.