Indongo celebrates 79th birthday

January 19, 2015, 11:24am

Indongo celebrates 79th birthday

A warm and intimate gathering of family, close friends and top structure of the Frans Indongo Group celebrated Dr Frans Indongo’s milestone 79th birthday at a beach location in Swakopmund on Saturday.

The elegantly dressed and composed Namibian business icon and founder of the Frans Indongo Group, was surrounded by an abundance of well wishes from far and wide, as he enjoyed a laid on birthday programme in an atmosphere that expressed the true mood of his long and successful life as a true economic leader.

The informal announcement of his retirement after all these years at the helm of the Indongo ‘empire’, was also kept on the down low, as it was jovially explained that Dr Indongo’s work ethic is something that will keep even the young people on their toes, and no day in the office was too early for him.

The message was made loud and clear that this was a man who has always showed appreciation to God, the people around him, his workers and Namibia. And that the success of the Frans Indongo Group is now stronger than ever before, in particular under the leadership of a dynamic group of key players who he handpicked as his right hand men and women.

The proceedings were led in prayer, with Kobus van Graan (group CEO) acting MC, together with Martin Shipanga (chairman), who translated the programme into Oshiwambo.

Their message was to wish him good health for a long life, so that he could inspire and guide them further for many years to come. And their token of commitment, respect and affection for Indongo on this special day together with everyone who attended was expressed throughout the proceedings.

“I am happy with the leadership I have installed into the Frans Indongo Group, and am confident that these people are going to elevate business to a level where I can now take life easy and enjoy my retirement,” said Indongo, addressing his guests.

“While the Frans Indongo Group was founded by myself, it is a business that has grown for the benefit of Namibian people, meaning that the day I am no longer on earth, my legacy will live on, and because of this the business needs to be run well.

“I want to express my appreciation to the people who run the show, because there has been a significant improvement and change to the group’s growth since the introduction of my new management structure. I am very grateful for those dynamic and responsive business changes that they have made to the group.

“In my absence, the group must continue to be focused, and be mindful to hold on to this thriving company, which is a blessing for the Namibian nation,” he concluded, adding, “if you catch a fish, and you don’t hold onto it properly then it can easily slip back into the water and you are left with nothing”.

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