Sibbinda Primary School gets 30 laptops and ZeduPads

17 Jan 2015 11:30am
KATIMA MULILO, 17 JAN (NAMPA) – The Sibbinda Primary School in the Zambezi Region on Friday received 30 brand-new laptops and seven iSchool ZEduPads as a donation.
The laptops and ZEduPads contain applications of different subject codes to enhance teaching methods during lessons. These were donated by Percy Wachata Misika, who works for the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation in China.
The ZEduPads are touchscreen Tablets first introduced in neighbouring Zambia in October 2013 to go hand in hand with that country’s primary education curriculum. The ZEduPads do not need Internet access to operate, and its batteries can be charged using electricity of solar power.
The ZEduPads have a programme teachers can use for extra mural lessons, especially for Maths, English, Lozi and other subjects of relevance in Namibia.
Misika and his wife Ntombi made the donation as a token of giving back to the community they hail from, saying the laptops and ZeduPads, which are valued over N.dollars 100 000, will enable the school’s management to also create a fully functional computer class for Grade One to Grade Seven learners.
Speaking during the handing-over event, Misika said his wife made the pledge in his absence during the school’s 65th anniversary in October 2014, including plans to build a library for learners to cultivate a reading habit and for leaners to become computer literate.
“This was a heavy burden she (Ntombi) placed on our shoulders, but knowing the challenges this school faces I concurred with her that we had a moral duty to contribute to the creation of a better learning environment.
My wife and I hope these small contributions will sustain and improve the academic performance of the Sibbinda Primary School, while also helping to reduce the digital divide the school currently faces,” said Misika.
Acting Inspector of the Sibbinda circuit, Catherine Chunga said the donation came at the right time as learners need to be introduced to the usage of computer systems for numeracy, typing and communication.
“Computers play a large role in the education of learners today. Learners use computers to do research, communicate with other learners and teachers. Teachers on the other hand create multimedia presentation, to name but a few. This makes the purchasing of computers for the Sibbinda Primary School very important,” Chunga said.
Sibbinda Constituency Councillor Ignatius Chunga used the platform to urge the school management to take care of the laptops and ZEduPads.
“I urge teachers and learners to take good care of these laptops and use them wisely for their benefit and the school in general. Count yourself lucky to have received these laptops at your school, as they are scarce and rare commodities in Government schools.
These devices will help teachers when doing lessons and research preparations, so that they may deliver quality lessons,” he said.