Former boxer's house struck by lightning

15 Jan 2015 16:31pm
ONHUNO, 15 JAN (NAMPA) – Lightning struck the house of former Namibian international boxer, Rambo Antindi at the Onhuno village in the Ohangwena Region at midnight on Monday.
The brick house is located along the Ondangwa-Oshikango main road, some 500 metres from the Onhuno Police roadblock on the outskirts of the northern border town of Helao Nafidi.
Antindi told Nampa in a telephonic interview from his home on Wednesday that he was alone in the house during the lightning incident.
He said it was raining at the time, and the rain stopped immediately after the lightning struck his house.
“The whole house was lit up by a mysterious strong white light, and as a result my neighbours ran away from their house for safety elsewhere in the village,” he explained.
Antindi survived without injuries.
“I only lost my solar electricity system, while the lightning made several small-sized holes onto a part of the house” the former boxer noted.
A tree in the garden was also affected.
Antindi recently moved from Windhoek to his home village, where he is busy organising resources to set up a gym for upcoming local boxers.