Illegal land invaders at Swakop to erect structures on land

06 Jan 2015 13:40pm
SWAKOPMUND, 06 JAN (NAMPA) – A group of about 600 people who have illegally occupied land at Swakopmund will not be allowed to erect structures on the invaded land.
Any attempt to put up shacks on the land will result in the forceful removal of the illegal occupants,
Erongo Regional Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua has warned.
President of the Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) party, Gotthardt Kandume, has been leading a group of landless residents under the claim that he was permitted by the Swakopmund Municipality to occupy an unserviced piece of land at the town.
The land is located between Hanganeni and DRC informal settlements.
Kandume initiated the land grab in December last year, with the assistance of Engelhardt Uirab, Sylvester Tjongarero and Johan Gaseb.
Mutjavikua told Nampa that Kandume's 'publicity stunt' will not be tolerated.
“This is someone who lost the elections and want to remain visible. It is just a publicity stunt he is busy with, the truth is that they will never be allowed to illegally settle on that land,” said the head of the region.
Kandume has been informing reporters that the group will erect shacks on the invaded land, but has still not done so as such plans appear to be postponed at every occasion.
The group leader initially said the shacks will be erected in December 2014, but that was postponed as people were apparently busy shopping for christmas.
Kandume informed Nampa on Tuesday that the erection of shacks will be postponed once again, claiming that people are busy buying school uniforms for their children.
He said a meeting would be held this week to decide the way forward.
Swakopmund Mayor, Juuso Kambueshe, said Kandume never spoke to the municipality, therefore there is no way he can say he was given the right to occupy land.
“I will never allow anyone to occupy municipal land illegally, even if he has a gun pointed at my head it will never happen,” Kambueshe told the news agency.
The mayor confirmed that the municipality is also waiting for anyone to erect an illegal structure on the land before taking further steps against the group.
Though Kandume told Nampa that the municipality did not lay trespassing charges against him and Uirab, Kambueshe confirmed charges has indeed been laid against the two.
“Currently I have the names of Kandume and Uirab on the case but I have registered a case for everyone involved in the land grab. In the meantime, the police is investigating so that we are able to have all the details of such people, then the law can deal with them accordingly,” said the mayor.
Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Inspector Erick Nghaamwa, the Station Commander for the Mondesa residential area, said Uirab and Kandume agreed with him in December to stop illegal occupying land.
Nghaamwa said land grabbing is illegal and could have consequence for the two leaders. Instead, the two should follow the set legal procedures of attaining land.