President Scott goes clubbing on New Year’s eve

January 2, 2015, 6:44pm

President Scott goes clubbing on New Year’s eve

Zambian Acting President Dr Guy Scott took to Lusaka’s Chez Ntemba nightclub patrons by surprise this week. He made an unannounced appearance for a countdown to 2015.

Accompanied by wife, Dr Charlotte, Dr Scott arrived at the packed nightclub in Kabulonga area about five minutes before the stroke of midnight, in time to be part of the chorus to count away 2014.

The arrival of acting President Scott was met by whistling, cheers and screams of excitement from patrons as others craned forward to catch a glimpse of him.

Music promoter, Suke Chile and security officers prevented patrons from mobbing acting President Scott as they ushered him to his seat.

After playing an instrumental of the national anthem during the countdown, the club Deejay churned a selection of tracks to get acting President Scott and wife dancing.

He opened the dance floor with Ameyenge’s popular Mao before shaking to some rhumba classics.

But it was the female patrons that made the most of acting President Scott’s presence at the up-class nightclub, getting ‘selfies’ and dancing with him.

Security personnel kept a close eye on the female patrons, who seemed to have a lot to whisper to a smiling Dr Scott as he danced away the old year.

Lusaka lawyer Anthony Kasolo was also part of Dr Scott’s nocturnal outing.

Many were heard wondering: “Ah! This is Scott? What is he doing here? The acting President has come to Chez Ntemba?”

Without saying a word, acting President Scott, who merely smiled went back to his seat after a good dance.

After about 40 minutes, acting President Scott had to take his leave but it was clear his presence had been appreciated.

As he walked out, some patrons followed him while shouting, “Thank you Dr Scott for coming to Chez Ntemba. Twatotela, man of the people!” they shouted as acting President Scott waved at them and left.


This article first appeared in The Post of Zambia.