City of Windhoek urges residents to save water

31 Dec 2014 09:40am
WINDHOEK, 31 DEC (NAMPA) ¬Ė The City of Windhoek (CoW) has called on residents to reduce their water usage by at least 10 per cent to ease pressure on the city¬ís low water reservoirs.
The city’s public relations officer (PRO), Lydia Amutenya issued a statement on Monday, saying the capital city will face a water shortage problem in 2015, if residents do not immediately reduce their water consumption levels.
Amutenya said the Namibia Water Corporation (Namwater) supplies Windhoek with a monthly quota of water which should sustain the reservoirs only until June 2015. The remainder of the city’s water comes from boreholes that are normally reserved for use during times of droughts.
¬ďAlready this month, Windhoek residents have consumed 10 per cent of the water earmarked for 2015,¬Ē she said.
Amutenya added that Namibia is a dry country with erratic rainfall patterns, which makes water a limited resource.
¬ďAlthough we had a reasonably good rainy season, the inflow of water into the dams that are supplying Windhoek is insufficient,¬Ē she noted.
She said the current dam levels of the three main dams supplying the capital city with water are very low, with a total collective volume of only 46 per cent.
Von Bach is currently at 57 per cent; Swakopport 61 per cent while Omatako is at 12 per cent of full capacity.
¬ďIf Windhoek experiences low rainfall, it will lead to a serious water shortage crisis,¬Ē Amutenya warned.
The city’s public relations officer stressed that residents must save water to ensure a sustainable future for Windhoek.