Boot news: Volume 3

December 28, 2014, 5:43pm


Santa Claus or Father Christmas

C-Square is a comedic duo of two Zimbabwean comedians based in Namibia. Courage The Comedian 2011 FreeYourMind Namibia's Last Comic Standing as well as FreeYourMind Namibians Best Male Comic 2014 & other half of C-Square is Chiro 2013 FreeYourMind Namibia's Last Comic Standing. C-Square came together after Nigerian twin RnB duo performed in Namibia P-Square September 2014. Chiro & Courage realised that they have a couple of things in common with P-Square, 1.both duos are Africans, 2. Both are entertainers, one sings the other talks to an audience & 3.Both duos chop your money, well P-Square tends to chop in the millions while C-square just hundreds.

C-Square has a weekly 5min viral video series which they call Boot News, where they have given themselves a platform to say what is on their mind as well as what is trending/being spoken about in the country/community and give it their own twist of Carte Blanc. They also do a viral series interview show they call Namimudo where they interview prominent figures be it celebrities to politicians and this isn't a formally what you are use to type of interview it is raw uncut, unplanned anything goes interviews no restrictions.