Savva flies baby to SA to get heart surgery

27 Dec 2014 10:30am
WALVIS BAY, 27 DEC (NAMPA) – Walvis Bay tycoon John Savva once again extended a helping hand by paying for the transport of a baby to receive heart surgery in Cape Town, South Africa.
Savva handed over two two-way airplane tickets and an unspecified amount of money to the boy’s mother Martha Namhadi at his office in Walvis Bay on Wednesday.
Paulus Shilongo Justice Haidula was born about three months ago with a one-centimetre hole in his heart, a condition called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).
He is scheduled to undergo open heart surgery on Monday at the Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town.
Speaking during the handing-over ceremony, Savva said that when Namhadi called him for help, he told her to immediately prepare for the trip.
“These are the days of forgiveness, humbleness and sharing. We came with nothing in this world and we will return with nothing as we will leave the wealth behind. This is why it is important for me to share what I have,” said the businessman.
Savva noted that his door remains open to those who need assistance, because he will continue to do so whenever he can.
“All of us have a moral responsibility for the future of this country, and I am just doing my bit,” he said.
Savva also donated N.dollars 400 000 to the University of Namibia last month; is funding a N.dollars 2 million science lab at the Duinesig Secondary School in Walvis Bay; and gave the ruling Swapo-Party N.dollars 500 000 for its 2014 election campaign.
Namhadi, a camera operator for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation Television (NBC TV) in Swakopmund, thanked Savva and wished him all the best in life as he continues to help those in need.
“It is not common for businesspeople to respond this quickly, especially when it comes to financial assistance. Most of them will ignore you, but what Mr Savva did to our family is a great honour,” said a joyful mother.
Namhadi explained that her doctor advised her that the boy must get surgery to close the hole before he is one year old, because it could be a problem when he is older.
“However, cardiologists in Windhoek cannot operate on him as he is still young. They apparently only operate on patients who are one year and older,” she told Nampa.
She could not reveal how much the operation will cost, but said that her medical aid covers that.
They will depart to Cape Town on Sunday.
A VSD is a type of congenital heart defect in which there is an abnormal opening in the dividing wall between the heart ventricles.
In some instances such holes close by themselves as the baby grows, however, doctors always recommend immediate interventions to have the holes closed.
Meanwhile, Haidula’s condition is similar to that of three-year-old Damian Sagner from Swakopmund.
Sagner received several open-heart surgeries in Johannesburg, South Africa to close a hole in his heart, and he is currently in Germany where he underwent another operation recently.