Communal farmers fighting for land and electricity in Oshikoto

24 Dec 2014 11:10am
OKULIMBI, 24 DEC (NAMPA) – Two Oshikoto farmers are at loggerheads, with one accusing the other of grabbing land and the other charging that his electricity is being stolen.
The owner of a farm at the Okulimbi village in that region Martin Kaishungu says Elifas Kavale, a resident on that farm, is busy grabbing his land.
Kaishungu told Nampa on Wednesday that his father gave Kavale permission to graze his cattle on their farm nine years ago, but since his father passed away in March 2011 Kavale wants half of the farm land, and has even started extending his portion of land.
He said they now live in fear after Kavale shot two of his (Kaishungu’s) boys on 08 December 2014.
Kaishungu had opened a case of attempted murder (22/12/2014) against Kavale at the Okongo Police station, but nothing has been done ever since.
He said that it is impossible to communicate with Kavale, as he is armed and don’t want to talk to anyone.
“We don’t know where our cattle are and are afraid to go look for them in the bushes, because Kavale and his men want to shoot us,” said Kaishungu.
He added that they cannot even take their cattle to the public water point in Okulimbi out of fear that Kavale will attack them.
Kaishungu urged the Namibian Police to intervene in the matter, saying it is no more a land-grabbing issue only but they fear for their lives as well.
Approached for comment, Kavale denied all allegations, saying Kaishungu is using the land issue as a way of hiding his true intentions.
“They cut my electrical wires and use my electricity illegally,” he claimed, adding that his electricity wires were connected to the Kaishungu household without his permission.
Kavale claims that he has the right to occupy the land, citing a letter from the Ondongo Traditional Authority to that effect.
He denied shooting at anyone, noting that Kaishungu is the uncooperative one.
Kavale said that he uses his plot for various things, such as growing fruit trees and renting out accommodation.
“They even steal my fruit and it makes me angry; I spent a lot of time taking care of them,” he said.
Okongo Police Sergeant, Launa Amunyela confirmed the case, adding that Kavela is still at large and investigations continue