People still ignore seat belts

23 Dec 2014 12:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 23 DEC (NAMPA) – Issuing traffic fines to motorists for not wearing seat belts is a waste of time, a Swakopmund Municipality traffic officer says.
“Some people just do not pay such fines as it is hard to trace such individuals,” said one officer, who asked not to be named.
He told Nampa on Tuesday at the Swakopmund roadblock that some transgressors give wrong details to avoid being traced should they not pay their fines at police stations.
A passenger who is found not wearing a seat belt can be issued with a fine of at least N.dollars 500, while a driver can be fined N.dollars 1 000 for the same offence.
Meanwhile, Namibian Police Force and municipality traffic officers at the Swakopmund roadblock are reminding drivers that they are the ones responsible for telling people in their cars to wear seat belts.
On Monday, Nampa observed many passengers showing up at the roadblock without their safety belts fastened.
Two young girls travelling with their parents from Swakopmund were given verbal warnings for not wearing the safety belts.
“I came from the farm and I do not know how to wear a seat belt,” one of them told the police.
Another challenge for traffic officials here is trucks with worn-out tyres.
On Monday, at least two truck drivers were fined N.dollars 500 and N.dollars 1 000, respectively for driving trucks with old tyres.