Namibia welcomes USA and Cuba normalisation of relations

18 Dec 2014 18:10pm
WINDHOEK, 18 DEC (NAMPA) – Namibia on Thursday welcomed the historic announcement of Cuba and the United States of America (USA) to bury the 50-year feud between the two countries and re-establish full diplomatic relations.
In a statement availed to Nampa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the decision has demonstrated political courage, statesmanship and foresight.
“The normalisation of relations between Cuba and the United States has indisputably proven that the mighty tide of contemporary mutual relations cannot be stopped,” it said, adding that the re-establishment of full diplomatic relations between the two countries closes a chapter characterised by “cold war” anachronism.
It also opens a new era of co-operation based on mutual respect for the independence and sovereignty of each country.
The ministry noted that the Namibian Government, like the overwhelming majority of United Nations’ member states, has consistently been calling for the removal of the economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba and the normalisation of trade between the two countries.
“In the spirit of this historic decision, the Government of Namibia calls on the US Congress to follow the bold leadership of President Barack Obama and repeal all legislation on the economic and financial blockade on Cuba and any other forms of sanctions or restrictions against Cuba,” read the statement.
It further said that the Government of Namibia expressed its admiration for and solidarity with the government and fraternal people of Cuba for their steadfastness and courage in the face of the economic blockade which retarded their development and created unnecessary hardships.