Domestic workers not appreciated: Muheua

17 Dec 2014 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 17 DEC (NAMPA) – Domestic workers are among the lowest paid and under recognised employees in Namibia, the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Alpheus Muheua has said.
“Domestic workers contribute great value to the national economy by providing supportive services to working people,” he said during the introduction of Statutory Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment for Domestic Workers here on Wednesday.
He said the main purpose of the minimum wage is to begin a process of achieving decent work conditions for domestic workers and to enable them to earn better wages.
“Domestic work means work performed in or around a household and includes, but is not limited to, the work of housekeepers, cooks, nannies, drivers and gardeners,” Muheau said.
He said employers and employees have ample time to adjust to the new measures and plan ahead for next year when the minimum wage is expected to be put into practice.
As from 01 April 2015, the minimum wage for domestic workers will be N.dollars 1 218 per month for full time domestic workers, or N.dollars 281.09 per week, N.dollars 56.21 per day, and N.dollars 7.02 per four.
Overtime is N.dollars 10.53 per hour; and N.dollars 14.04 on Sundays and public holidays.
The minimum wage is set to be increased again in 2016, in line with the consumer price index plus five per cent.