Otjiwarongo woman burns herself over boyfriend issues

17 Dec 2014 10:40am
OTJIWARONGO, 17 DEC (NAMPA) – A 33-year-old woman is recovering in the Otjiwarongo State Hospital after she allegedly tried to burn herself due to relationship problems last Wednesday.
Anna Gauses, who works as a domestic worker at Otjiwarongo, allegedly poured methylated spirits over her body and then lit herself at her grandmother’s house in the Tsaraxa-Aibes informal settlement.
She told Nampa in a brief interview at the hospital on Wednesday that she tried to commit suicide after she quarrelled with her grandmother for intervening in a fight which she had with her 41-year-old boyfriend, Mathew Hamutenya.
Gauses was initially involved in a fight with her boyfriend - with whom she shares a shack behind her grandmother’s house in Tsaraxa-Aibes - because she was suspecting him of cheating on her with other women around town.
She said on that Wednesday evening, she became furious with her grandmother, Theresia Gauses, for intervening in her fight with Hamutenya.
Her grandmother allegedly even evicted her from her house, and told her to go live elsewhere because of the troubles with her boyfriend.
“The actions of my grandmother to evict me from her house pained me a lot.
That’s why I pulled out the methylated spirits, poured it over my body and lit it with a match,” explained Gauses.
She is currently covered in bandages, recovering from the burns at the hospital.
She said although her boyfriend was never caught cheating on her with another woman, she is still seriously suspecting him of cheating on her.
When this reporter visited Theresia’s house in Tsaraxa-Aibes on Tuesday, Hamutenya was found fixing his vehicle and preparing to visit Gauses at the hospital.
He said Gauses was just overreacting by burning herself because of jealousy, adding that she was his only girlfriend.
The man added that they have been living together for more than two years, and he has never given her any reason to doubt his loyalty.
“She constantly accuses me of cheating, a thing I never do.
I think the devil was in her head last week, that’s why she did that to herself,” said Hamutenya.