Steytler resigns from NSA

16 Dec 2014 14:00

The Namibia Statistics Agency’ (NSA), Statistician-General Dr. John Steytler has tendered his resignation in which his last working day will be the 31st of January 2015.
The NSA made great strides with Steytler at the wheel. Meanwhile, as a way forward, the normal process of recruitment shall take its course and in due time, the nation will be informed about the next Statistician general.
The Chairperson of the NSA Board of Directors, Florette Nakusera noted that in the interim, the Board of Directors in accordance with the Statistics Act will appoint an Acting SG, to ensure the smooth operations of the Agency,”
Nakusera added that the agency was established as an independent statistical authority that produces and disseminates relevant, quality and timely statistics that are fit for purpose.
“Evidently within a short period of time the NSA has established itself as a reputable institution and has proven that it can provide the statistical information needed for evidence-based policy decisions. This was achieved because Dr. John Steytler is an expert in his field and led the Agency in a manner that ensured that statistical outputs are par excellence,” said Nakusera.
Nakusera added that there is consensus that their statistics improved tremendously since the formation of the NSA, saying some of the achievements are the production of the first agricultural census in 20 years; Production of annual labour force surveys and the establishment of the most modern Data Processing Centre in Africa.
“The NSA under the leadership of Dr. Steytler has broadened its strategic horizons, including securing substantial support from development partners and signing memoranda of understanding with key stakeholders,” added Nakusera.
However, there were challenges such as adhering to the design and implementation of appropriate governance structures and policies, setting up pf physical infrastructure and ensuring smooth processing and presentation and analysis of survey results.
“From a governance perspective, and considering the time of existence, we can confidently say that the NSA is one of the better run institutions in the country today, with a record of unqualified audits since inception,” noted Nakusera.
Nakusera further went on to say that the NSA will continue to implement its strategic focus to raise the quality of statistics in Namibia and will continue to run as a professional statistical authority, mandated by the Statistics Act No. nine of 2011.