'Land grabbing in Kavango out of hand'

13 Dec 2014 11:00am

RUNDU, 12 DEC (NAMPA)- Political leaders in the two Kavango regions have urged inhabitants of the two regions to refrain from grabbing land, and instead seek legal means of occupying land.
The Chairperson of the Kavango regional Council, Bonny Wakudumo, said during the re-election of Rundu Town Council Local Authority Councilors early this week, that land grabbing in the Kavango East and West regions has become the norm of the day.
Wakudumo, who is also the Councillor for Mashare Constituency, warned that people sacrificed their lives and died for the country for the sake of land, warning that the country will never allow to be ruled by anarchy.
“It must be clear that we run this country on the basis of the country’s law and it must be clear whether you like it or not,” cautioned Wakudumo.
Wakudumo’s remarks follows threats by disgruntled residents at Rundu who are threatening to organise a peaceful demonstration for land at this northeastern town.
The disgruntled group early this week called upon all residents who don’t own land in the town to join the planned mass demonstration in the town.
The re-elected Rundu Town Mayor, Hilka Levi, in her re-election speech on Monday also urged residents to refrain from land grabbing.
Levi said the town has well designed future plans for land allocation for different purposes and thus invited residents to familiarise themselves with the town’s plans instead of occupying it illegally.
The disgruntled residents from the Tuhingireni informal settlement on the eastern outskirt of Rundu last week Thursday said they will continue to erect permanent structures in the area, alleging that the
highest office in the Kavango East region reportedly failed to mediate in the land dispute.
The concerned group’s committee chairperson, Mathew Wakudumo told this agency last week Thursday that since the mediation meeting with the Kavango East Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo had failed to materialise, they have now resolved to organise a mass demonstration over land in the town of Rundu.
An 11-member committee of the disgruntled residents turned up for the meeting at the Kavango Regional Council on that day, only to be informed in a letter by the governor that the meeting was postponed until further notice “due to unforeseen circumstances”.
The regional governor’s letter angered the residents, as it did not give any reasons why the meeting could not materialise or than stating 'unforeseen circumstances'.
Wakudumo explained that the planned mass demonstration for land will, amongst others, call upon the town council to make town land available for the landless masses.
Although no exact date has been given, he indicated that the demonstration will be held very soon.
Another member of the concerned group’s committee, Kaghuyu Shikerete called on all residents of Tuhingireni to continue erecting permanent structures because '…the Office of the Governor had failed to take them seriously.'