Namibians need to fight for what they want: Media practitioner

12 Dec 2014 15:50pm
WINDHOEK, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – Namibians are passive people and do not tackle problems head-on, a local media practitioner says.
“When an issue that affects them arises and needs to be addressed, they remain quiet until it dies down and a new one comes along,” Ricardo //Goagoseb charged during a public dialogue held under the theme “Land and housing – 55 years after the Old Location”.
This was held as part of Human Rights’ Day commemorations here on Wednesday.
//Goagoseb said Namibians need to start working on their perseverance to fight for the things they want.
“The mentality we are trying to fight against is the same mentality we are reinforcing. That is why you find us praising our comrades for the same thing we are against.
We need to look at each other openly, and start firing people who are not performing. Start firing leaders who are not accountable,” said //Goagoseb, who is an employee of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).
He noted that a chief executive officer of a parastatal should not be fired because he/she did not perform a certain quota of work in a given period, but principals should rather look at the considerable amount of effort put into the institution which produces good returns on investments being put in.
The Old Location was an area for Black residents of Windhoek.
It was situated in the present-day Hochland Park and Pioniers Park.
During the 1950s, the Windhoek Municipality and the South African colonial administration decided to forcefully move the residents of the Old Location some eight kilometres to the north of the city, prompting the evicted people to give the new location the name Katutura, which in the OtjiHerero vernacular means “The place where we do not want to live”.
On 10 December 1959, following protests and an effective boycott of municipal services by residents of the Old Location, the police opened fire on the protesters, killing 11 and wounding 44 others.