Dyna shines in her own light

11 Dec 2014 18:00

Dyna shines in her own light

One might expect Dainess Ziba to be overshadowed by her husband D-Naff’s light, but the Zambian gospel artist, who goes by the stage name ‘Dyna’ has proven that she can clearly pull off a well-orchestrated musical album.

This can be seen in her 12-tracked debut gospel album titled The Design of Destiny which was released in late August and through which she has cultivated a community of good producers in her likeness, giving them access to a large audience outside of church. Even if it might not be literal, the title does justice to the major artistic step that this album represents. This album encompasses Namibian sounds fused with gospel Hip hop and a pinch of Zambian sounds.

It does not end there, her musical career, her songs and image carry way more sugar than spice, and the sneering edges have been handed off to convey something locally friendly. Her aesthetics invite fans of both genres to come together and sing along to the pristine choruses and dance ever so slightly. This is to say that her music can easily be considered mainstream. The blemish to this album lies in the numerous collaborations that Dyna has used. Her followers would have been better served by the artist keeping the spotlight on herself rather than featuring so many artists on her debut album.

Track-by-Track Review Dyna introduces the album with a track titled Oh My featuring Ty2. She goes straight to the point with an up tempo beat that immediately gets the listener in the dancing vibe. She sings in her native language. Track two titled Ikeni Jehovah featuring Phillip is captivating to the avid gospel enthusiast. The slow rhythmic RnB beats fused with rap will take you to the never-lands. The song’s magic is encompassed in the lyrics “It’s you we long for, it’s you we seek for, come down come down” that can be found in the chorus. The track will leave even the hardened gospel critic in awe. A bit of difference is shown by Feel of friend in Jesus, which is track three on the album. Dyna features Exit and Marvin B3 Kasomo. Despite a slight inability to maintain the tempo throughout the song, the song definitely holds its own in this quality-packed installment. Despite it being a solo effort from Dyna Track five titled Overcome failed to live up to the hype the album created as it keeps reapeating the chorus, “I am an overcomer” making the song seemingly boring and repetitive. In track seven, titled My Love, Dyna features her husband, D-Naff.

She sings in her native language on a Zambian beat and D-Naff joins in with Oshiwambo. The synchronisation in their voices would sell the song on its own. Dyna gives off a bit of a slow motion track titled Ila Omwa featuring Effy and it is effortlessly captivating, giving off a feel of romance. It describes a feeling of falling in love and in this case it’s falling in love with Jesus. Track 10, titled Nakula featuring Tunakie made Dyna seems like she was trying too hard to impress but it’s still justifies its inclusion in the album.

The album culminates in Dyna’s collaboration with Mark B3 Kasomo in a track titled Nshyakamilabe. The creativity and the combination will leave fans yearning for more. Her voice, combined with Mark B3 Kasomo’s, gives a different element to the whole album. Nshyakamilabe gets one to want to dance and worship the almighty at the same time. Verdict: Dyna definitely has the ability to shine on her own; her angelic voice has proven that she can compete with the cream of the crop in local gospel. How her career fares will depend on her ability to maintain the production of such high quality music. ****