RDP president stoop low: DTA SG

11 Dec 2014 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 11 DEC (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia has rubbished claims made by Rally for Democracy (RDP) president Hidipo Hamutenya that Swapo funded the DTA’s election campaign.
The Confidénte weekly tabloid on Thursday quoted Hamutenya as claiming that the DTA was funded by Swapo to dethrone the RDP as the official political party during the general elections late last month.
DTA Secretary-General (SG), Vincent Kanyetu said in a media statement issued on Thursday that Hamutenya’s utterances are an affront to the image, credibility and character of the DTA and of its leadership.
He further said that his party was shocked at how the RDP president could stoop so low and insult the DTA, which clearly shows the weakness of leadership and inability by the RDP to accept responsibility and failure.
“Hamutenya failed to utilise the platform his party was afforded to address socio-developmental issues which are at the heart of the Namibian people, and neither has he made an effort to ensure transparent and accountable governance,” said Kanyetu.
The SG asserted that it is for this failure and lack of political will and capacity that the Namibian people have punished Hamutenya at the voting booth.
He made it clear that his party spent close to N.dollars 3 million during the last election campaign.
“Sadly, the RDP has suffered the same fate as its president, and the election results are nothing less than a vote of no confidence in Hamutenya’s ability and his statement is nothing less than clutching at straws,” he concluded.
The DTA demands a public apology from Hamutenya.
The RDP gathered 31 372 votes, while the DTA managed 42 933 votes during the National Assembly election, which Swapo won with 715 026 votes.