Hilka Levi re-elected as Rundu mayor

11 Dec 2014 09:20am
RUNDU, 11 DEC (NAMPA) – Councillor Hilka Levi was re-elected as mayor of Rundu for 2015 during an election of office-bearers here on Tuesday.
Bonny Kahare retained his position as the deputy mayor of the town, while Johannes Murenga was re-elected as the chairperson of the management committee.
The other two members of the management committee are Sarafine Kandere and Daniel Lilenga.
All these five councillors are members of the Swapo- Party.
Reginald Ndara of the Rundu Concerned Citizens’ Association (RCCA) and Andreas Mulinda of the All People’s Party (APP) will continue to serve the council as ordinary members.
Mulinda replaced Cassius Mukena, who resigned from that position on 23 July this year.
The Rundu Town Council office-bearers were sworn-in by Rundu magistrate Hellen Olaiya.
In her acceptance speech, the re-elected mayor said she will strive to attend to the demands of the town’s residents.
She said the town of Rundu has an opportunity to be developed to the standards of becoming a municipality, but stressed that this will require hard work from the councillors and community members.
In order to be in a position to adequately provide services to residents, the town council will need funds which could be derived from the sale of land to investors, as well as from rates and taxes, the mayor added.
Levi noted that the council will also have to deal with the challenge of providing serviced land to residents to enable the town to grow and develop.
Another challenge she highlighted was that the council is still unable to provide water to all its residents.
She thus urged all residents to pay their water bills to the council so that it could in turn pay its dues to the Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater).
As mayor, Levi promised to ensure that councillors will continue to carry out their responsibilities of providing services to residents and local businesses, and that they will also conduct regular community meetings to identify the needs of residents.
“I will make sure that councillors work hard together with the community members,” she stressed.