Katima Mulilo town councillors re-elected

09 Dec 2014 19:00pm
KATIMA MULILO, 09 DEC (NAMPA) – All seven councillors of the Katima Mulilo Town Council in the Zambezi Region were re-elected to serve in the same portfolios they have occupied for the past four years.
Six councillors serve on a Swapo-Party ticket and one represents the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP)
On Tuesday, Katima Mulilo Magistrate Karl Muyeghu swore-in Charles Mukaya Matengu and Georgina Mwiya as mayor and deputy mayor, respectively.
Salubila Maswahu retains his position as the chairperson of the management committee, and will be deputised by Nsala Muhongo Mapenzi.
Ester Luze Sankwasa is a member of the management committee, while Robert Matongela and Mudabeti Mudabeti remain ordinary councillors.
The event was graced by Governor of the Zambezi Region Lawrence Sampofu, Swapo-Party Regional Coordinator Linus Mafale and Swapo mobiliser for the Zambezi Region, Austin Samupwa.
The swearing-in ceremony of the councillors comes after some Swapo district members objected to the swearing-in ceremony on 03 December.
These members accused the Swapo-Party Secretary-General Nangolo Mbumba of failing to take action against some councillors who are under investigation for corruption and dubious dealings, as per findings of a report compiled by the party’s regional executive-appointed committee.
Matengu said in his acceptance speech on behalf of all management members that the councillors will continue pushing forward the agenda to develop the town, despite daily criticism being levelled against all councillors.
He said the reaffirmation of councillors serve as a platform for them to continue implementing the plans and guidelines set out in the council’s five-year strategic plan of 2013 to 2018.
“There were so many talks against us (councillors) right up until the national elections. But the voters showed they have trust in our Swapo Party.
This is why we are thankful for the re-elections. We will not disappoint the public, but promise to deliver on services they need,” Matengu said.
Sampofu urged the councillors to continue looking out for development opportunities, job creation and aim to attract more investors. He also asked the council to provide land or plots with proper sanitation networks, including access to clean drinking water.
“We are looking to you as leaders of the region to provide all these services to the needy to make their lives better. We know you (Katima Mulilo Town Council) has limited resources, but find a system which will generate you funds to provide adequate services to the people,” he advised.