Mujuru and several Ministers fired

December 9, 2014, 4:57pm

Mujuru and several Ministers fired

Nehanda Radio sources say Mujuru actually received her dismissal letter on Monday night.

Fired alongside Mujuru were Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and his deputy Munacho Mutezo among others. Both Mavhaire and Mutezo were perceived as staunch Mujuru allies. We await official confirmation of the full list of those fired.

Sources say Didymus Mutasa (Presidential Affairs), Nicholas Goche (Labour), Francis Nhema (Youth and Empowerment) and Sylvester Nguni (Minister of Sate) have also been sacked. Other sources claim as many as 11 ministers face the boot.

The 90-year-old Mugabe denounced Mujuru, until just a few months ago his presumed successor, as leader of a “treacherous cabal” bent on removing him from power.

The denunciation was the culmination of a three-month campaign against Mujuru, 59, by Zimbabwe’s state media and Mugabe’s 49-year-old wife Grace.

In her first response since losing the number two post in ZANU-PF, Mujuru — said there was a “vociferous” attempt to portray her as a murderer, traitor and sell-out without any evidence.

“The allegations that I, alone, or together with various distinguished comrades have sought to remove His Excellency R G Mugabe from office are ridiculous,” Mujuru said in a press statement published here.

“My loyalty to His Excellency and my country Zimbabwe is unquestionable.”

Mujuru said some “forces”, which she did not name, had pushed for her to quit both her state and party posts ahead of last week’s congress, but when that failed there were “direct threats against my person and my life”.

She said she decided against attending the ZANU-PF congress to avoid public humiliation.

“It was important to maintain the dignity of the office of the Vice President even in the face of such unwarranted violence by a section (of) the party membership,” said Mujuru.

Speaking on Saturday Mugabe had warned of the impending changes saying; “We will choose two new vice presidents, the chairman and secretariat which will be presided over by the secretary.

“I don’t want to rush it so be patient… Only heads of department will constitute the politburo, deputies will remain in the central committee. We will do a reshuffle, there will be disappointments but we will try and avoid factions — those who were working in factions are out.

“I would also want to warn those in the central committee that if you are going to be chosen to the politburo, drop this nonsense about ‘these are my people’. I want you to learn from the troubles we have had. Trouble iyi yatiparadzanisa naanaMai Mujuru (the trouble that has separated us with the likes of Vice President Joice Mujuru),” Mugabe said.

Meanwhile Minister Mavhaire confirmed his sacking in morning. Speaking to journalists from the state media Mavhaire said “Yes, it’s true that the two of us (including his deputy Mutezo) have been sacked. The letter was sent to me last night and I signed for it,” he said without disclosing the contents of the letter.

Mutezo said: “Mandipedza (State Media) hazvina mhosva. That is what you wanted. I do not think it is fair to discuss the President’s letter with a journalist. You serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and you don’t question his authority.”

He said the media had misunderstood the way he operated.

“My ethics are different from others because I do not reveal the operations (of the ministry). Probably that’s where I went wrong and people have been made to see another Mutezo not me.”

In allegations run in the state media, Mavahire and Mutezo allegedly coerced Zesa Holdings to deposit $40 000 in the Zanu-PF Manicaland Women’s League account in July, funds which were said to have been used to fund factional activities aimed at toppling President Mugabe.

Courtesy Nehanda Radio