Gobabis woman nabbed for concealment of birth

08 Dec 2014 13:40pm
GOBABIS, 08 DEC (NAMPA) - A 33-year-old woman on Monday appeared in the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court on a charge of concealment of birth.
Jeannette Tebele was arraigned before Gobabis Magistrate, Alexander Venacius after she allegedly buried her new-born baby in a hole dug out in the ground, shortly after giving birth some two weeks ago.
According to the charge sheet, Tebele had a pregnancy of eight months, but had kept the fact that she was expecting secret from everyone - including the baby's father.
On 19 November 2014, she experienced labour pains and allegedly went over to her absent neighbour's place, where she gave birth in the open and on her own.
Tebele told the police upon her arrest on Friday that she gave birth at night in her neighbour's yard to avoid detection by her mother and siblings with whom she shares the house.
She allegedly then used a broken piece of bottle to cut the baby's umbilical cord, before burying the baby in a shallow hole.
It is not known at this stage whether the baby was in fact still-born as alleged by Tebele, or if the baby died during the unaided birth.
Dogs scurrying the area some days later dug out the baby's body from the shallow hole.
Tebele was not asked to plead when she made her maiden appearance in court, although she was informed of her right to seek or be granted legal representation.
She indicated that she will apply for legal aid.
The matter was postponed to 06 February 2015, to allow the accused to sort out her legal representation. Bail has been set at N.dollars 1 500
Public Prosecutor Sirka Singenge Nangoro appeared for the state.