16 Jul 2013 07:54

KUCHING, July 14 (Bernama) -- Leadership by example, especially in the public sector, is essential for the success of the ongoing five-year campaign to promote courtesy and noble values among Malaysians, Trustee of 1Malaysia Foundation Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said today.

In calling for a thorough review of the campaign to determine the extent to which its objectives had been achieved, he said a lot more remained to be done to inculcate such virtues, as Malaysians were being confronted with the issue of decaying morality despite technological progress.

"Judging from the behavior and attitude of a large number of Malaysians, I have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the on-going campaign to promote courtesy among the people and make it a way of life.

"Negative behavior reflected in issues like road bullies, traffic rule breakers, litterbugs, abusive and cheating taxi drivers have clearly proven that we are still far from being a courteous and polite society," he said in a statement here.

Citing the civil service, Lee said, ministries, government departments and agencies should instill noble values among their staff, particularly among those at the counter dealing with the public, while basic civilities and courtesies such as responding to calls and letters from the public must be adhered to by all those in authority.



"This should be followed by the private sector and the Malaysian public at large," he said, adding that the success of any courtesy campaign must start from schools where courtesies and noble values should be taught.

He said it was time for Malaysians to address the deterioration of such values and virtues, particularly among the younger generations, including talking rudely to customers, smoking in non-smoking areas, spitting in public and not giving up seats to the elderly, disabled and pregnant women.

It was also common to observe inconsiderate driving and parking on the roads, littering in public places, vandalising public property, jumping queue and not saying “sorry” even when mistakes were made, he said. -- BERNAMA CJ CJ PA