Swapo strengthens grip on Daures, DTA beats NUDO

01 Dec 2014 11:20am
SWAKOPMUND, 01 DEC (NAMPA) – The ruling Swapo-Party has strengthened its hold on the Daures Constituency of the Erongo Region with a win in Friday’s general elections.
Traditionally, the Daures Constituency has been a stronghold of the United Democratic Front (UDF) party, with the party claiming the most votes in all past general elections held in that constituency since independence.
On Friday, however, the Swapo-Party followed-up on its 2010 Regional Council victory by the winning 2014 Presidential and National Assembly elections.
Swapo-Party candidate Hage Geingob received 2 909 votes in the presidential election.
The UDF had no presidential candidate of its own to take the fight to Geingob.
There was also a bit of confusion regarding the opposition party’s participation in the presidential race, after former UDF leader Justus //Garoeb urged party members to vote for Geingob last year.
Although current UDF president Apius Auchab supported that idea, several senior party leaders - including UDF Khorixas Constituency Councillor Sebastian !Gobs - were against it and told UDF supporters this year not to vote for Geingob.
Irrespective of this, the results of the National Assembly election in the Daures Constituency tell the clearer story.
It was a close encounter, but the ruling Swapo-Party won the National Assembly election there with 1 768 votes, while the UDF came in second place with 1 507 votes.
The difference of 261 votes between the two political parties sends a clear message that the Swapo-Party must still work very hard to strengthen their campaigns in that constituency if they are to stay ahead of the UDF in future elections.
During the 2009 presidential election, Hifikepunye Pohamba of the Swapo-Party received 1 043 votes, while Chief //Garoeb claimed 1 528 votes in that constituency.
The National Assembly election results for that same year in the Daures Constituency was also not in favour of the Swapo-Party as they only gathered 973 votes to the UDF’s 1 535.
The first sign that the political pendulum in the Daures constituency was swinging to Swapo's side came in the 2010 Regional Council elections.
The Swapo-Party took over the Daures Constituency with the slightest of margins in votes to the UDF; Swapo Party’s Ernst Katjiku had 1 394 votes, just 23 more than the UDF’s Auchab, who got 1 371 votes.
That same year, Chief Elias Thaniseb of the Daure Daman Traditional Authority in Uis also left the UDF to join the Swapo-Party, taking many of his subjects along.
For this general election, Dr Geingob and the Swapo Party had a clean sweep of victories in all the seven constituencies of the Erongo Region.
Youthful DTA of Namibia president McHenry Venaani showed that his party is on a great revival by defeating many of the other opposition parties, including bitter rivals the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO).
In the Erongo Region, Venaani beat Asser Mbai of NUDO with a difference of 200 votes after he gathered 607 votes in the Daures Constituency.
Mbai received only 407 votes.
Hidipo Hamutenya of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) also became a victim of Venaani’s sweeping wave in Daures, as he only got 128 votes.
In the National Assembly election, NUDO received 450 votes, but the DTA was still ahead with 477 votes.
As for the RDP, things even got worse as they only got 96 votes.
Compared to Mbai, late Herero Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako enjoyed much better support among voters in the Daures Constituency.
In 2009, Riruako received 641 votes, while former DTA president Katuutire Kaura was selected by only 216 people.
In that election, Hamutenya claimed 356 votes.